And Now For Something Completely Different….. An Apology?

infinitycoverWelcome to the first ANFSCD (still a working title) of the year! I promised you something different every week so today I thought I’d go for something I rarely do and that’s admit that I’m wrong.

Last year I made a promise to start ‘voting with my wallet’ and by that I meant that I would stop just buying books to add them to my collection. So out the window went all Marvel booksbooks except Hawkguy, GoTG and YA, and all D.C. books with the exception of batman black & white. This was a combination of lack of funds and I was getting bored with the same thing happening over and over again. That being said though, I made the decision to pick up all of Infinity once I’d heard so many good things about the series and I enjoyed the GoTG tie-ins. Obviously it had to go and be good, didn’t it? I really enjoyed the series, it was a space opera but with characters that I liked and enjoyed reading. The main thing I loved about it though was how self contained the story was, from having no background knowledge on the book and not picking up any of the tie-ins I still really enjoyed the miniseries. This got me thinking, was I maybe too harsh with my culling? Did I make any rash mistakes?!

superior1Turns out yes, yes I did. Now any of you that were regular readers of my old column “I Hate It Here” know that I was a huge spider-man fan, from a very early age and wasn’t massively happy with the way the character was treated after #700. Its not that I hated where superior was going, I just didn’t enjoy the book as much as o was. However, after my mini epiphany, I went back and bought the first arc and once again, I owe an apology. Especially to Dan Slott, who I may have said some nasty things about, as the ss story is one that is not only as well crafted as I came to expect from Dan when he was writing ASM, but it has the humour I initially thought was missing and the art is beautiful. Now I’ve not managed to go any further than the first arc yet, so I can’t speak for later issues, but whether Pete is gone or not, Spidey is always the one for me, and I have to say, its all thanks to Dan Slott and his vision of the character.

What with it being a new year, I thought I’d give you my resolutions…

1) Enjoy myself. It sounds selfish but I decided I need to do more for myself. Life’s just not as fun if you spend it all worrying about other people.
2) Further the site in such a way that benefits the industy , both close to home and further afield. News to follow….
3) Drink more tasty beer. In the last year, I’ve got right back into drinking Craft Beer, favourites so far being the offerings from Williams Bros, Ogham, Weird Beard, The Kernal and a strange beer called Eugene, which was a chocolate milk stout. So if you want to buy my favour at any of our up and coming appearances, you know what to bring!
4) Gandalf Beard.

Have an awesome week and try not to fuck it up.

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Chris Bennet
Article: I Hate It Here
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