Dark Horse to wrap up the ‘Clone Wars’ in new miniseries.

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Any fans of the CGI animated Star Wars ‘Clone Wars’ series would have been left slightly disappointed last year when the series ended part-way through its fifth season, without any real finale to speak of. But fear not!

Lucasfilm have revealed to Newsarama that the screenplays for the unaired episodes are being adapted into a four-part miniseries entitled ‘Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir’, and will be published by Dark Horse Comics starting in May.

The series will be written by Star Wars comics veteran Jeremy Barlow, with an artist is yet to be announced, and will feature characters from the animated series – including the Nightbrothers – as well as some new faces.

Of the locations featured in the series, Barlow said: “That’s one of my favourite aspects of writing Star Wars—there’s no end to the varied and imaginative locations you can create. In this story, we start at that secret prison carved out of massive obsidian blocks and from there we bounce to the harsh moon of Zanbar, hit the Black Sun stronghold on Ord Mantell, and finally make our way to Dathomir, which is as dark and dangerous a place as you can get.”

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