First Pic of Quicksilver from X-Men:DofP

xmen_quicksilverEntertainment Weekly have released stills from DofP and we can finally see Kick-Ass’s Evan Peters Play Pietro Maximoff, Of course not to be confuse with Kick-Ass’s Aaron Taylor Johnston who similarly is playing Pietro Maximoff… Headaches ensue.

it would appear that Magneto’s son (if they indeed incorporate that into the movie) will be based in the 1970’s rather than the Dystopian future of the movie. Comparatively Michael Fassbenders Magneto must have been very young when he fathered him or this is just a speculation maybe they aren’t Father/Son. The look differs from the green with lightning bolts costume of his comic counterpart, But the trademark white hair is there and the addition of goggles, Which makes sense running faster than sound.

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

So First look at Evan Peters as Quicksilver and does anyone else see anything else off with this picture?

X-Men: Days of Future Past hits cinemas in May.

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