Image Expo: Will Kelly Sue DeConnick’s New Ongoing Title Be Bitchin’?

BITCH-PLANET-LOGOMy eyes are bleeding from having that many announcement’s from this years Image Expo, It would seem like one of the most stacked years from the event in terms of announcing big name project’s, So far we have seen Gillen, McKelvie, Higgins, Morrison, Burnham and more revealed for this year and joining them will be fresh-ish from scribing “Captain Marvel” and more recently “Ghost” – Will be Kelly Sue DeConnick, Adding to her work at Image already on “Pretty Deadly”.

Like the mutant offspring of Jackie Collins and Roger Corman comes the pointedly named “Bitch Planet”, Joining Kelly Sue on the title for penciling duties is Valentine De Landro (X-Factor).

The press release promises that the book will be “campy, kick-ass adventure“, So as with the rest of these announcements I will let the blurb do the talking;

 A science-fiction take on the Women in Prison exploitation feature, BITCH PLANET follows five prisoners on an all-female penal planet, ready to make their escape by way of a gladiatorial exhibition against a team of visiting male prisoners. DeConnick summed BITCH PLANET up with, “there are five women, all ridiculous and real, and all very different. One shouldn’t be there. The other four are unrepentant and guilty as Hell.”

Without  pigeon holing the writer – Kelly is known for writing strong woman in titles like the above mentioned Carol Danvers and Elisa Cameron or , You can certainly say it will be interesting to see how she flips the exploitation angle.

We will keep you posted on this nearer it’s release.

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