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hawkeye.jpg 9098e0Happy Sunday folks!

Time for my weekly musings, amusings and general tomfoolery, let’s get the show rollin.

Since December 2011 Hachette Paperworks have been publishing the Marvel Ultimate Graphic Novel Collection which is a fortnightly series collecting some of Marvel comics “best” stories in hardback format. It’s a really nice collection and the spines of each book combine to form a pretty badass picture of our collected heroes. The series doesn’t have long left to go but it’s successor is already out as they recenly put out their new fortnightly titled ‘Marvels Mightiest Heroes!

It’s the same idea as the previous collection (hardback spines combine to form a complete picture) but this time is focusing on publishing first appearances and key issues featuring Marvels….eh….Mightiest heroes I guess. Issue 1 featured the Avengers and contained the Ultron Unlimited storyline as well as the Avengers first appearance. It’s a really good series and has introduced me to some stories I probably never would have gotten round to otherwise and is a great idea for people that are new to comics by giving them some good variety and jumping on points as well as highlighting some of the biggest event storylines and most popular characters (and some of the more obscure ones to boot!)

NOTLDP2014001-DC11-LR-54a90One thing I keep wondering however is why the hell DC haven’t done something similar? Put out some classic storylines every fortnight at £9.99 and try and encourage new fans to jump on board with classic storylines reprinted in hardback format. It’s not like they have a shortage of material to put out with all the pre 52 stuff they could put a spotlight on and would go a great deal to promote their characters with the Justice League movie on the inevitible horizon. So what the hell are they waiting for? Get yer finger out DC and get the classics roling out!

George Romero’s Empire of the Dead will soon be upon us from Marvel comics, I’m really looking forward to this arriving (after being delayed) as a huge fan of Romeros work. It’ll be interesting to see what he can do when budget isn’t an issue as well as seeing how far the undead have evolved sine “Land of the Dead”. Seems he’s thrown a spanner in the works with this and included Vampires into the mix as well so lets see how this one plays out.

NOTLDP2014001-int-LR2-5-f650dSpeaking of Zombies…..

Night of the Living Deadpool will be out this coming week from Killogy writer Cullen Bunn with art from Ramon Rosanas and pits our favourite Merc with a mouth against the living dead after he awakens from a food coma…….yeah he ate too much and slept through the apocalypse. It seems the series will jokingly poke fun at the Walking Dead and will be in black and white (and Red) in a clear homage to both the Image comic and Romeros black and white classic “Night of the Living Dead”. Again It looks like it should be a really fun book as Deadpool tackles zombies as only Deadpool knows how…….with pointy things, guns and puns galore.

spiderman12n-1-webLast thing this week…………..HE’S COMING BACK!!!!!!!!!

Peter Parker will be back in his own body after The All New Marvel Now Launch of Amazing Spider-Man #1 in April.

Dan Slott confirmed all our hope and wishes will be coming true as Peter finally returns to take his claim as the one TRUE Spider-Man. I’m really happy to see him finally coming back, Spidey has been one of my all time favourites since I was just a nipper and I couldn’t stomach seeing what Ock had been doing to his good name in the pages of Superior. It’s been a long wait for this so hopefuly the give us something “Amazing”.

Thats all this week folks, tune in next week for more stuff and things and as always, leave your comments below and stay tuned to Bigcomicpage for all the best in comic related news and shenanigans.

Adios amigos!

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