Review – Archer & Armstrong #17 (Valiant)

AA_017_COVER_HENRY_2Publisher: Valiant
Writer: Fred Van Lente
Artist: Khari Evans
Release Date: 15th January 2014

So, Archer and Armstrong seek the ‘Wheel of Aten’ which has been traced to the Pharaoh’s Tomb – a grand underwater labyrinth on the Egyptian border. There are a few parties interested in this ‘Wheel’ and it just so happens they must contend with the Master builders, the Gnomes of Zurich, the Black Bloc, Project Rising Spirit and the Hashish Eaters. Good times! The stage is set for an obvious finale and things are about to kick off.

This book is a lot of fun with some unique characters and ideas up its sleeve. The books main asset is the peculiar friendship between Archer and Armstrong. Armstrong is this butch, lovable, drunken, invincible warrior and Archer is a bit of an emotional asshole with anger issues. This level of conflict always leads to good humour and daft drama. It’s like a crazy “buddy movie” mixed with the Uncharted series.

The art is bold, crisp and colourful. The characters, the tombs, the lighting (despite not having an obvious source) are all excellent. In real life they would be fighting in complete darkness in such a setting. It also follows the formulaic end of arc comic book rumble. The good thing is that it’s entertaining with more than a few laughs to keep you grinning along the way.

Rating: 7/10.

The writer of this piece was: James McQueen
You can also find James on Twitter.


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