REVIEW – TMNT: Utrom Empire #1 (Of 3) (IDW)

TMNT_UE01_cvrAPublisher: IDW Publishing
Writers: Paul Allor
Artists: Andy Kuhn
Release Date: 22nd January 2014

My second review for this week comes from IDW and is another addition in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles story. Paul Allor is on writing duties and Andy Kuhn is the issue’s artist. Luckily for me we are given a small recap on the opening page to catch up new readers.

The story’s main character is not one of the 4 beloved TMNT but a robotic entity known as Fugitoid, who has also been known as Honeycutt, or Chet Allen. It seems the main villain Krang is trying to download information about of Fugitoid that will allow him to terraform earth in order to save his race known as the Utrom. The story engaged me as you feel for Fugitoid and his inner struggle. The opening pages show him plummeting off a cliff to what he hopes is his demise. Fugitoid would rather take his own life than allow the information he has to fall into Krang’s hands where it would be used to wipe out the human race.

I’m not up to date on what has happened in the TMNT universe up to this point but I found the storytelling drawing me in. Paul Allor does an excellent job in making Fugitoid an endearing character. The artwork fits the story quite well and the coloring does a good job differentiating elements within the story. The panels with Fugitoid are dark and soft colors and the panels with Krang or the planet Utominom are very bright colors of oranges and pinks. The creative team is working well together to bring the story to life and grab even a new reader like me and have me curious to see where Fugitoid’s story will lead.

Rating: 5/10.

Review by: Shane Hoffman (AKA “Hoff”)

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