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Royal Rumble of the Dead!

Evening folks, hope you all had an enjoyable weekend, not much on my mind this week so be warned that I’m pretty much winging it this week so we’ll see how much I waffle on without sounding like a boring old fart.


It’s The Royal Rumble tonight! Sadly I gotta be up early for work in the morning so I’ll be dodging the internet all day tomorrow till I can watch it recorded when I get home. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of the rumble here’s a brief breakdown. The rumble starts off with two men in the ring and every 90 seconds another opponent is introduced to the match. A total of 30 wrestlers will compete for the chance to headline Wrestlemania for a shot at the heavyweight title, Opponents in the rumble are eliminated by being thrown over the top rope and both feet landing on the ground outside. This is one of WWE’s “Big four” PPV’s of the year and is always great fun to watch especially for the “surprise” entrants in the rumble each year.

If I were to take a bash at predicting how this ones gonna go down I’d say Batista would be my pick to win which would be a good oppertunity to have Brock Lesnar win the title at elimination chamber and set up “The Animal” Batista against “The Beast” Brock Lesnar at Mania. I’ll also say the guys to watch in the Rumble this year will be CM Punk who enters at number 1, He’ll most likely put on an incredibly gutsy performance before being ganged up on and eliminated which I would imagine will lead to a match against his “boss” Triple H at Mania seeing as he’s the perfect guy to “fight the power”. I’m also gonna guess Roman Reigns will recieve an incredible push this year and look like a potential winner untill he’s eliminated by one or both of his own team members from the Shield and likely set him up for a push as a face. Anyone planning on watching it? Who’s your pick?


More rumours came out regarding The Superman/Batman movie in the works. It’s Delayed, it’s not delayed, it’s delayed again….ugh! Then there were the rumours regarding the plot of the film and how it’ll play out into the formation of the Justice League and I facepalmed……..I facepalmed lots. Seriously this film sounds awful, I hope the rumours are all lies…..actually I hope they just can this movie and make an actual sequel to Man of Steel before diving in at the deep end to compete with Marvel and their various movies.


I finally got confirmation the my copy of Empire of the Dead is on it’s way! The new series from Marvel written by the master himself George Romero finally comes out after a couple of delays. another one to expect a review of from me as soon as it becomes available. Been looking forward to this for months now as a huge Romero fan. It’ll be interesting to see where he takes the story with the addition of Vampires into his undead world. More to come on this soon.

Thats it for this week before I bore y’all to death.



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