Mug of Duff… Finally getting some Face Time!

I’m sure you guys have seen us talking about the forthcoming return of Peter Parker in the Amazing Spider-Man this year along with some speculation about what this might mean for the fate of Otto Octavius. Speaking personally, I’m following the Superior Spider-Man in TPB format and I’m a little behind but I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve read thus far although I’m very aware that he’s most definitely an audience splitter.


The Juggernaut, a very conflicted enforcer!

Now, I know that its not the first time I’ve talked about heroes and villains flipping their coins from one side to the other and what that definitely showed was that its definitely not that uncommon an occurrence but nevertheless the impending end of Otto’s turn at the Spidey reigns it’s got me thinking about some of the best ‘Face turns’ I’ve seen in comics.  and this brought me to one of my favourite characters, the Unstoppable Juggernaut! He’s always been a strangely conflicted character for me and he’s dabbled in being a hero on a number of occasions over the years. He was part of the Ultraverse Exiles, joined the X- Men (and then Excalibur) and most recently, the Thunderbolts. However he’s interjected his membership with each of those teams with a return to his criminal ways. He’s certainly the most indecisive character I’ve heard of in respect to his core morality and motivation. Since losing his Cytorak gifted powers he hasn’t been seen in a while but when he returns its anyones guess as to whether it will be as hero or villain.

The first arc of the new 52 Green Lantern book featured Sinestro having returned (or perhaps, having been returned would be a more appropriate phrasing) to the Green Lantern corps. This gave the audience a chance to view the character almost sympathetically as he used the ring in ways previously unknown to Hal Jordan in enforcing his will and very unique approach to morality. That is until he reactivated his own corps and assumes control of the Parallax entity. He remains a fairly enigmatic character, a uniquely strong willed character who uses fear to maintain order.

The third and final character I’ll mention for the moment is Omni-Man. When we first see the character he’s shown as something of a Superman pastiche who shares his almost unmatched strength and power of flight whilst also holding a highly regarded status amongst the heroes and general populace of his world. In a fantastic twist it then transpires that this is actually a ruse allowing him to assume a position of power in order to destabilise the power structure of the planet and eliminate potential resistance to the eventual conquest of Earth by his people, the Viltrumites. After murdering the equivalent of the JLA, the Guardians of the Globe, he is confronted by his son, Invincible when the truth of his actions becomes known but despite first committing to killing his rebellious offspring he can’t force himself to go through with it and flies off into space. Many issues later and the character has basically been brought full circle and whilst contrite for his actions, he nevertheless fits into the category of too powerful to punish on Earth and now lives on the moon in what is presumably, the moral grey area.

Have a think about it and let us know what your favourite faceturns are by dropping us a line on Facebook or twitter.

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