Review – Invincible #108 (Image)

Invincible108-Digital-Cover-LayeredPublisher: Image Comics
Writer: Robert Kirkman
Artists: Ryan Ottley, John Raunch
Release Date: 29th January 2014

Having created one of the largest entertainment empires of the last ten years through the pages of a black and white comic book it is no wonder that The Walking Dead is the first title to come to mind when met with the name Robert Kirkman. However, it is important that you should not simply overlook his other work as less important; you will definitely be missing out. Robert Kirkman’s “Invincible”, now in its 108th issue, is widely regarded as some of his best work and this most recent issue is not going to shatter that image.

Issue 108 continues where 107 left off, with our hero preparing for a dangerous mission consisting of the ever ominous dimension jump. The first half of this issue concentrates largely on the strained relationship Invincible shares with his pregnant partner Eve and her fears that this is one mission too far.

It is a story of Duty vs Family, where a man must make the decision to risk his life to potentially save the world, or stay and protect his family.

The second half of the issue follows Invincible and Robot as they find out that those around them may not be quite that they seem…

The art on Issue 108 is solid but not flawless, with my complaints being the standard ridiculously large neck muscles and anatomically impossible women. The gore in this issue is also turned up to 11, with each and every detail being carefully considered as blood is splattered across the page. However, the art is many ways is very endearing, mixing the old school superhero colouring with modern concepts.

Issue 108 is a strong effort which continues Kirkman’s fantastic run on Invincible and builds anticipation for issue 109 beautifully, let the wait begin!

Rating: 4/5.

The writer of this piece was: Blair Stevenson
You can also find Blair on Twitter.

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