Stuff and Things: Dramatic NOOOOOOOO! Edition.

Evening fellow geeks! Hope y’all had a pleasant weekend, This week there was a buncha crap that happened that sucked…..but not everything blew chunks this week.


Well the Royal Rumble was last week and while it wasn’t the worst PPV I’ve seen (Daniel Bryan vs Bray Wyatt was gold) it was certainly one of the most predictable. What wasn’t so predictable was what happened before Raw on Monday night when CM Punk decided he’d had enough of the WWE’s poor creative direction and quit hours before the live show. While at the time of me writing this there has been no official word from either side it has been suggested (and has been obvious) that Punk was just burned out both physically and mentally and wasn’t happy with the company’s dedication to “part time” stars over the guys there all year round working hardest and getting the bigger crowd reactions. It’s a familiar scenario to when Stone Cold Steve Austin quit the WWE in 2002 for a whole year so we may see Punk back in the ring eventually, What I’m curious about is where this new found free time will lead him. While some immediately assume he would give MMA a try (at 35 years old with 20 years or wrestling having taken it’s toll on him physically it’s unlikely) but I think it would be more likely to see him do some writing and working on some comics. The guys a huge comicbook fan and is a regular attendee at various Comic Con’s across America AND he did the foreword for Avengers Vs X-Men, It’s not a hard stretch of the imagination to see him trying his hand at producing a decent story or two for comics. Personally I think it would be pretty cool if he got more involved with comics but I’d really like to see him take a role behind the scenes at WWE. They need a guy with his experience from the indys and his attitude towards giving the fans what they want rather than what the company wants the people to want is badly needed in the WWE. Time will tell.


In a surprising/head scratching/WTF! move, WB have cast Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor in the upcoming Superman v Batman movie.

We all know straight away he’s gonna be a new take on Lex but it’s not likely to be a new take on Eisenberg. He’s likely gonna play the same smarmy, wise ass, smug but nerdy kid we’ve already seen in films like the social network and now you see me. While I think he’s entirely inoffensive…….this isn’t the movie I want to see. Every shred of news that comes out about this film makes me want to violently smash my face into a wall because I can’t facepalm hard enough but what do you lot think? Does anyone still have high hopes for this movie?

Well that’s all I got this week. Apologies this edition has been light on comic related stuff but it’s been one of those weeks where I’ve just been ridiculously busy. I’ll be back next week with (hopefully) much more for y’all to sink yer teeth into.

As always, Leave your feedback in the comments, let me know what you think, what you think I should check out even.

Later folks!

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