Mug of Duff – I want to play a game…

Happy Tuesday everyone,

Unfortunately its been a few weeks since I’ve been able to pick up my comics but I’m looking forward to picking up a hefty haul this weekend when I (finally) make it to my local comic book store but in anticipation of this, I’ve been thinking about running a little experiment. 

A few friends and I get together every now and again for “Bad Movie Night” which is really no more complicated than it sounds. We get together and watch a few old monster movies or low budget atrocities, have a few drinks and generally make fun of whatever is going on in the film. Last bad Movie Night’s highlight had to be either Arachnoquake or Wishmaster 2 but although it may seem like I’m digressing this actually brings me rather neatly to my point.

For the next bad movie night we’re going to play movie cliche bingo and we’re in the process of populating our score cards at the moment but this led me quite naturally to comic book cliches. Now, love them as we might we have to admit that there are certain tropes and concepts that get constantly recycled and reused. Thats not necessarily a bad thing in all instances but it is interesting just how common certain themes are. Anyway, the guys and I have been talking and we came up with this starter for ten:

1. Someone who fell into or was otherwise exposed to a vat of chemicals which disfigured and / or empowered them
2. Someone who got screwed over by the government
3. A man without a past
4. A hero who either directly or indirectly created his own worst enemy
5. A spouse who dies horribly for little or no reason other than to inspire the hero
6. A spouse who knowingly becomes involved with a hero but complains about it all the time
7. A dark or extreme version of an already established character or team
8. A nemesis who used to be a friend
9. Someone who was assumed dead and isn’t
10. Monologuing!
11. Costumes that appear from nowhere and appear to be indestructible
12. Inappropriate or tiny costumes.


OK so that was more than ten but trust me, I could have gone on for a lot longer.

Anyway, if you guys can come up with a few more good comic book cliches for me on Facebook or Twitter (#comicbookcliches) between now and Friday the 7th of February then I’ll report back with the first book I read to feature any five of them in a single issue and let you know. Alternatively, if you guys want to try beating me to the punch then feel free to Tweet us using #Avengersmansion (its like house, get it?).

The writer of this piece was: Stu_Avatar
Stuart Duff aka (Stu)
Article: Mug of Duff
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