Review – The Star Wars #5 (Dark Horse)

22828Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: J.W. Rinzler
Artist: Mike Mayhew
Release Date: 5th February 2014

I hate to say it, but this series is really starting to drag now. Coming out of issue #4, things seemed to be getting moving, but while this month’s offering offers up plenty of action, there is that underlying feeling of ‘just get on with it already!’.

Mike Mayhew’s artwork tells a better story than the dialogue in this issue, and although the overall layout of the pages doesn’t really excite, Rain Beredo’s colours continue to look really nice, breathing a warmth into the book that may not have been there otherwise.

What we do get that has been lacking in previous issues is our heroes’ first proper run-in with a Sith, and although it is easily established that they are badass, the scene is over far too quickly, and feels like a wasted opportunity.

I could pick away at the niggles in this issue for ages, but it boils down to the fact that this adaptation has a lot of potential, and as far as the overall design of the book and the different takes on the characters goes, it is delivering. Unfortunately, the pacing of this issue is all over the place, and will see you paying for something interesting to happen next month.


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Alan Shields aka (Al)
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1 Comment on Review – The Star Wars #5 (Dark Horse)

  1. For a series I was all excited about when it started, this series has turned out to be quite a bore. I’m very glad we didn’t this story back in 1977.

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