Jhonen Vasquez teases new animation projects!

Jhonen Vasquez gave his Tumblr followers an update on what he’s been up to recently and it seems we are in for some brand spanking new animated treats from the twisted mind that brought us cult favourites Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and the much loved Invader Zim.


As was revealed a while back by Jhonen himself, he has been working on a much anticipated Squee short series/animated feature with Adult Swims Titmouse Inc but it seems we may have even more insanity to look forward to in the near future. Could we possibly be getting a JTHM animated series in the near future as well as Squee? We’ll keep you posted with the news is it comes. This is one I myself am definately looking forward to though as a massive fan of Jhonens work. Anyone else looking forward to this as much as me?


The writer of this piece was: Jamie_AvatarJamie Wilson aka (J)
Article: Stuff and Things
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