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How are we all feeling this week BCP fans!?

As we approach the end of another week I thought I’d share a few things with y’all just for fun but before all that, lets take a look at some of the other stuff that caught my eye this week.


There was a buncha casting news getting thrown about with Paul Bettany was confirmed to play The Vision in the upcoming Avengers sequel. I find this interesting and came up with a theory on how this is gonna come about. We know that Battany has been the voice of JARVIS in the Iron Man series as well as The Avengers and it has been hinted that Ultron may come into existence due to corrupted JARVIS data BUT! We know that James Spader has been cast as the voice of Ultron. My theory is that Bettanys JARVIS will still exist in Ultrons memory banks as his last bit of “goodness” in him. It seems likely that he would try to purge this part of his memory banks to go full blown Ultron but there will be some kind of contingency plan in place that allows whats left of JARVIS to be tranferred into a prototype “Iron Man” armour before eventually becoming The Vision. Seems pretty plausible but I’d like to hear what you all think of this theory of mine? Agree or do you see it playing out differently?


Gotham has it’s Jim Gordon as we found out Ben Mckenzie of “The O.C.” fame will be taking the role of a young Detective Gordon as he cleans up the mean streets of Gotham City.

While I don’t see any fault in this casting I DO feel like the show sounds a bit rubbish based on what I’ve heard about it so far. I’ll obviously check out the pilot when it eventually airs so I’ll reserve my judgement for then but I can’t say I’m overly excited about this one.

Speaking of getting excited…

Holy crap does this movie look freakin awesome or what!?!

This week while reading my comics I got thinking. How many of us spend hours reading about Superheroes going out of their way to do good deeds every week? Have any of you ever wished you could do just a little more good in the world? Well I’m issuing you all a little challenge. I would like for everyone reading to try and do at least one good deed for a random person or people this year and tell us about it. Even if it’s as little as donating a little spare change to charity or helping a little old lady reach something from the top shelf in a supermarket I think it’s about time we put a little more positive energy into the world. As many of you know, We at BCP have hosted a few wee charity collections and we aim to go bigger and bolder this year so we’ll be joining in the good deeds campaign too. To join in simply share your stories/pics/videos with us here on the site, on twitter or on facebook and hit us up with the hashtag #BCPwecanbeheroes.


Finally for a little bit of fun, I’m gonna put together the most heroic music playlist on the planet via Spotify which I will share with y’all and add to with your requests as they come. Just search for BIG COMIC PLAYLIST on spotify and give me your suggestions.

Thats me for this week, Tune in next Sunday for more of the stuff and things I think about and remember to share your superhero soundtrack suggestions with me and share your good deeds with us #BCPwecanbeheroes

Playlist for this week.

1 : Power Glove – Resurrection

2 : After the Burial – A Wolf Amongst Ravens

3 : The Acacia Strain – Dr Doom

4 : Volumes – Limitless

5 : The Used – Cry

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Article: Stuff and Things
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