Stuff and Things…..Greg’s filling in

Ahoy! Yes this is Greg not Jamie this week with Stuff and Things! Now J normally talks about comic stuff and geeky things (hey I just got that now) so I’m gonna do the same.

More ‘Gotham’ casting this week and I must say this show seems like it’s shaping up nicely. Donal Logue is for me an amazing bit part guy, he shows up in things and you recognise him but couldn’t tell you his name only that he’s good in everything you’ve seen him in. Sean Pertwee is an epic choice for Alfred, anyone who disagrees has to only watch Dog Soldiers. I can see Al being more of an Army Vet training Bruce and raising him right. This did make me think a bit more about it and with Pertwee as Al in this and Jerry Irons in Bat V Sup then it would seem that they will be set in different universes and that’s where I see them missing a trick…

It was a few months back now a chap from DC/Warner Bros said that DC was looking to develop more TV shows this year and they were putting all their efforts into that. It’s very rare you see a statement like this actually come true and it’s not just boasting, DC are pushing their TV department really hard, Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, Constantine all gonna be big shows it feels. Yet they set Gotham in a different universe, I don’t see why they did this, they just lost the chance for any crossover they could have had, Young Bruce meeting Ollie in a board room or even some of the Villains going over (Riddler & Arrow).

In other Geek stuff this week, NIKE announced that next year will have Power Laces to tie in with the Back to the Future 30th Anniversary and the Date that Marty actually travels too (October 21st 2015). This maybe the best product movie crossover I have ever seen and I can only hope Mattel have done the same with the Hover Board.

Anyway I’m off to go watch the Trilogy and eat pasta. See ya Guys.


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