The Big Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer Breakdown

So it has finally dropped, The long awaited trailer to this years Marvel studio’s wildcard The Guardians of the Galaxy, And for those who found the stimuli to much to intake. Let us break it down into manageable chunks for you.

[To view the trailer, Just check our post of it here]

So let’s take a look at the key parts, shall we?
slThe trailer starts of with Chris Pratt’s Star Lord entering some alien temple, About to grab some relic… or gem?
Kor98876This is before he is stopped by Korath, ( Who in books was very much of Kree appearance like Ronan). It would appear as though then the character is no longer a Kree or his appearance has been modeled more around that of the actor.

Name: DraxSubject: DraxCriminal Record22 Counts of Murder, 5 Counts of GBH

Name: Drax
Subject: Drax
Criminal Record
22 Counts of Murder, 5 Counts of GBH

Name: GamoraSubject: GamoraDescription: Last Survivor of the Zen Whoberi PeopleCriminal Record12 Counts of Murder

Name: Gamora
Subject: Gamora
Description: Last Survivor of the Zen Whoberi People
Criminal Record
12 Counts of Murder

Name: RocketSubject: 99P13Description: Cybernetic/Genetic Enhancement on a Lower Lifeform – Has a Tendency to BiteAssociates: Groot - Lylla Criminal Record13 Counts of Theft, 14 Counts of Escape from Incarceration, 7 Counts of Mercenary Activity, 16 Counts of Arson

Name: Rocket
Subject: 99P13
Description: Cybernetic/Genetic Enhancement on a Lower Lifeform – Has a Tendency to Bite
Associates: Groot – Lylla
Criminal Record
13 Counts of Theft, 14 Counts of Escape from Incarceration, 7 Counts of Mercenary Activity, 16 Counts of Arson

Name: GrootSubject: GrootDescription: Humanoid Plant Inhabitant of TalonnaAssociates: Rocket Criminal Record3 Counts of GBH

Name: Groot
Subject: Groot
Description: Humanoid Plant Inhabitant of Talonna
Associates: Rocket
Criminal Record
3 Counts of GBH

Name: QuillSubject: Peter Jason QuillAlias “Starlord”Species: Terran  Origin: Terra Legs: 2Arms: 2Enhancements: Translator Implant In NeckOBSCENE GESTURE IMMINENT

Name: Quill
Subject: Peter Jason Quill
Alias “Star Lord”
Species: Terran
Origin: Terra
Legs: 2
Arms: 2
Enhancements: Translator Implant In Neck
Associates: Yondu Udonta
Criminal Record
1 Count of Fraud, 2 Counts of Assault/Drunkenness, 1 Count of Sex Crime “Illegal Manipulation of Grandosian Duchess”

Then we were treated to the “Usual Suspects” like rolecall, As had been used several times in the past with promotional imagery. The onscreen visuals give the basics and some fun facts whilst John C. Reily’s Nova Corp member goes through each of their rapsheets, It seems including his introduction at the start his “Star Lord” alias is self chosen and will be a reoccurring gag throughout the movie.
4534525The Guardians are then led into jail, Where Peter becomes enraged as a Prison Guard plays with his very 80’s Walkman and headphones, As he goes to retrieve them from the guard he is beaten down and this segways through to the rest of the trailer which is pretty much just flashes of imagery from the movie with the song “Hooked on a Feeling” playing throughout, Presumably this will be a track on his Walkman.
PR0909We see some interesting images among those flashing in the screen such as Groot and Rocket start what looks like a prison riot.
nud4853284Some nudity, Because nothing says family movie quite like green side boob.
expSome Explosions, In case the 200 or so action shots aren’t enough.55235425When finally we see Karen Gillan’s Nebula character, As she terrorizes some guy from Hollyoaks.
RonThe ever so brief appearance of Ronan The Accuser (Lee Pace) as he chokes Drax.
coll98989Another showing of Benicio Del Toro’s The Collector, Who was last seen in the Thor: The Dark World after scene. It is probably worth noting the tank that was speculated as having Adam Warlock’s cocoon can still be seen in shot. Needless to say this will probably be the easter egg filled scene of the movie.
Nov0909709After some more brief action shots of the cast (particularly the team) the trailer closes back on the John C. Reily and Peter Serafinowicz’s Nova Corps members as they continue the rap sheet scene. And that in a nutshell is the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy. It looks fun and filled with action but doesn’t give much away yet, No doubt we will see some more of Ronan for example in the coming months as more trailers and TV spots hit the web.

The film itself hits theaters this August the 1st.

The writer of this piece was: GARYav
Gary Kane aka (GK)
GK tweets from @Kanoclassic

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  3. Juste de seize autorités ou peut-être de 9 pour cent ont été définis comme couleur blanche

  4. Starlord is only half- human in the comics, isn’t he?

  5. Andy Dwyer’s abs !!! errrrrrrr…I can’t even deal. 0.0

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