Dark Horse announces two all-new editions of its classic Robocop vs Terminator series

imageRobocop vs Terminator, originally published nearly twenty years ago, is returning to print in two brand new formats – a hardcover graphic novel and a special “gallery” edition.

The series, written by Frank Miller and illustrated by Walter Simonson, sees Alex Murphy engaging in a time-twisting battle whenhe finds out that the technology that built him will lead to the creation of Skynet. It’s all great stuff, really. The newly restored collection will feature remaster colours by Steve Oliff.

imageThe hardcover graphic novel sounds great, but the real interesting part of this announcement is the introduction ofDark Horse’s new gallery series format—reprinting Walter Simonson’s original art at full size, exactly as it appeared on his drawing table! In addition to the full story, the gallery edition provides the greatest insight available into Simonson’s process, with pages of his original pencils and promotional art faithfully reproduced, along with a revealing foreword by the artist himself!

The hardcover edition hits shelves on July 2nd with a $24.99 cover price, and the gallery edition will arrive in stores the following week on the 9th, with a $125.00 cover price.

Any fans of the original series out there, and is anyone going to pick up either of these awesome-sounding releases?

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