Guardians of the Galaxy! A quick rundown of the team

With Guardians of the Galaxy hype going into overdrive, we’re aware there’s a lot of you out there who may not be as familiar with the “bunch of A-holes” as you might like. So to help with that, we’ve put together a little rundown of the team, their individual backstories, powers, etc. etc.

Feel free to hum “Hooked on a Feeling” to yourself while you read this.

Peter Quill- Star-Lord played by Chris Pratt 


Like all characters in comics he’s got a few backstories but we’ll go with the current one;

Mother is human, father is J’son Emperor of the planet Sprtax, raised on earth but his mother was killed by a race called Badoon.

He leaves earth and is recruited by The Master of The Sun to become Star-Lord and police the galaxy (very Green Lantern but without the bling) in the movie it seems he’s some what of a highway bandit so I don’t know how much of this story is gonna be in it. I can also see Master of the Sun replaced by Yondu (Walking Dead’s Michael Rooker)

Character-wise he is smart, a very logical thinker and strategist and because of his travels he knows more than a few languages and social customs. From the trailer he seems to be Han Solo in a red leather jacket and for an actor like Pratt, that’s not a bad thing to be playing.

Power-wise, he’s lacking somewhat, though his suit gives him strength and acts as armour. Weapons-wise he’s got a gun that can fire elemental charges of Air, Earth, Fire and Water but he also likes his twin Kree Machine guns

He has a Psychic Connection with ‘The Ship’ which is like a big Tardis but without time travel. It’s a sentient being and can adapt to suit his needs and repair itself. It also can make Widgets, and we see these in the trailer (well, I think that’s what it is). They are small robots used for reconnaissance and information gathering.

Recently the gun and ship were destroyed and Quill got some cybernetic upgrades only for them to be removed later by the Kree,  He was also given a helmet by them (yes the one we see ) which has some cool tricks, similar to Jarvis but not as Sassy or potentially homicidal – but that’s for Avengers Age of Ultron

Gamora Played by Zoe Saldana


Gomora is “The Most Dangerous Woman in the Universe” and with good reason, she’s a 100% badass

Last of her species (Zen Whoberi) that were wiped out by the Badoon (yes the same ones who killed Star-lords mum, keep up).

Raised by Big Daddy Kool Thanos and enhanced to be faster, stronger, and heal faster, Thanos then trained her to be a ruthless assassin and killing machine (as you’d expect). Her weapons of choice are knives, daggers, swords and basically any pointy thing you can put into someone (no innuendos!).

We see he fighting with someone in the trailer, from the looks it Karen Gillains Nebula, a space pirate mercenary. This version of Nebula would appear different as she is described as working for Thanos and having a past with Gamora, so maybe both trained together?

Drax The Destroyer Played by Dave “The Animal” Batista



His Wife and Family were killed according to this version.  In comics however, he is human and was killed in a car crash caused by Thanos which resulted in Thanos’ tather/mentor and Kronos (Titan God) taking his ppirit and placing it in a new body and christening him Drax The Destroyer.  His one goal? KILL THANOS!

Again the movie seems different, and we’ve got reports that Ronan (Lee Pace) is responsible for the murder of his loved ones, possibly on Thanos’ orders? We don’t know but we are eager to find out.  I mean, who doesn’t love a good revenge tale?

Power-wise, well… yeah… think Hulk mixed with Wolverine-level berserker, can survive in space with no air and is pretty damn nimble too. He also has a connection to Thanos and can sense him across the universe (like Harry and Voldermort)

I just hope he powerbombs someone out their socks!!

Rocket Racoon Voiced by Bradley Cooper


Yeah that little thing with the guns and crazy face, you’re gonna love him! In fact, after this movie you’re gonna be like Deapool who?

Genetically Engineered Racoon with a love for fast vehicles and guns that are bigger than him! he is just essentailly a Racoon that can talk an has motor functons, no powers!

He’s probably the most well known of the group and regularly takes charge when Star-Lord is elsewhere (probably shagging)

Groot Voiced by Vin Disel


He is Groot, He is Groot, He is Groot, He is Groot, He is Groot, He is Groot, He is Groot, He is Groot, He is Groot, He is Groot, He is Groot, He is Groot, He is Groot, He is Groot, He is Groot, He is Groot, He is Groot, He is Groot, He is Groot, He is Groot, He is Groot, He is Groot, He is Groot, He is Groot, He is Groot, He is Groot, He is Groot, He is Groot, He is Groot, He is Groot, He is Groot, He is Groot, He is Groot, He is Groot, He is Groot, HE IS GROOT!!

He is a Flora Colossus (yes, a giant flower) and sometimes called Moarch of Planet X.  As royalty of his planet he’s had some of the best education you could get and is rather intelligent.  Sadly, he can only say “I AM GROOT’

Basically he’s a giant Tree/Ent (Lord of the Rings).  I mean, he’s a freaking tree, so when he hits you its literally getting hit by a tree!! He can also control oher trees around him and use them as minions.

He’s been killed a few times now but can be regrown from a twig to be his full self again

Him and Rocket have a real bromance going on with Rocket risking his life to save Groot and vice versa.

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2 Comments on Guardians of the Galaxy! A quick rundown of the team

  1. Very informative! I didn’t know much about them, as they aren’t as connected with the rest of the Marvel Universe, like the ones I read. Is the current comic any good? I’ve been thinking about picking it up since Marvel is doing that .Now and basically renumbering them at one.

    • The current run is fantastic, couldn’t recommend it enough! Even the infinity tie in was good! Its went a bit squiffy with the most recent tie with xmen on the trial of Jean Grey, but apart from that you should definitely try and catch up


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