YATTA! NBC’s Heroes is back in 2015


More often than not, it’s the end for a television program when it reaches its series finale, but NBC’s Heroes will get a second chance at life with ‘Heroes Reborn’. Although not a reboot exactly, it will be a new standalone series with new characters and storylines. That’s not to say that some of the original cast won’t be popping in, which the official press statement hints at. Speaking of originals, the original creator and executive producer Tim Kring is attached to the show. He is already hard at work since NBC ordered 13 episodes for the miniseries event. And, with a limited number of episodes, there should be an end goal in sight, which is definitely promising news.

Heroes had a great first season but quickly spun out of control, so hopefully this time around Kring won’t start all the characters at full strength. Dynamite Comics originally planned to pick up where the series finale left off, having Heroes season 5 live on as a comic book series. Although nothing has come of that project, we can expect that to change following this announcement. Heroes is one of the few series that successfully thrived from multi-platform media: webisodes, graphic novels, interactive web content, etc. and Heroes Reborn is said to receive the same treatment. A digital series will introduce us to the characters and their respective stories prior to the 2015 series premiere.

While the details are shrouded in secrecy, we can expect a viral marketing campaign to flood the net since the series will have to start shooting really soon. But with programming like Fox’s Gotham, The CW’s Flash, and NBC’s Constantine, it appears that superheroes are here to stay. It turns out that 2015 won’t be a big year for the just movies any more, but television as well.

So, are you excited to see Heroes make a return to network television? Which characters are you hoping to see come back in this installment?

You can check out the teaser below;

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