Advance Review – The Bounce #10 (Image)

the-bounce-10Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Joe Casey
Artist: David Messina
Release Date: 26th February 2014

My head hurts. This series was never exactly the most sane or linear but it’s coming to a head and with Jasper developing a sense of responsibility and the Darling’s plans coming to fruition, this issue is all about setting up our final big set piece.

The plot takes a little work to follow but is well worth it and the artwork is excellent, really showing off the griminess of Jasper’s real world compared with the unbelievable, otherworldly stuff thats going on.

This is the comic equivalent of a Russian Circles or God is An Astronaut song dropping into your otherwise straightforward playlist. Confusing yet engaging and leaving you wanting more.

Turn, on tune in, freak out, man!

Rating: 4/5

(Click image to view full page)

The writer of this piece was: Chris Napier
You can also find Chris on Twitter.

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