Review – Cryptozoic Man #4 (of 4) (Dynamite)

CryptoMan04-Cov-FlanaganPublisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Writer: Bryan Johnson
Artist: Walter Flanagan
Release Date: 26th February 2014

This four part miniseries has reached its fourth and final issue, which leaves me to not only sum up the final issue itself here, but also the series as a whole. And all I have to say is… I am at a loss.

From the very beginning, this series has been odd and with a name like Cryptozoic Man that was always going to be the case. But even going into its final issue it has remained just as cryptic and difficult to decipher. At times I felt the slant towards the unknown kind of lost me during this series, and that trend continued to an extent here.

I certainly had to give the issue at least a few reads to ensure I hadn’t overlooked anything, And to be honest it isn’t even a case of the story being too cerebral. In spite of the fact the narrative jumps back and forth in a non linear way – combined with the weird cast of characters and the imagery shown – by the end of the story you know the basics of the plot.  It’s just a shame that the journey to get the climax was so confusing.

What I can say is that overall, this ending ties together all the strings of main plot i.e. the father searching for his daughter with both character’s arcs reaching a climax. A climax that doesn’t necessarily close the door on the titular character returning but rather concludes this part of Cryptozoic Man’s origin.

I liked it when I got what was going on, The art was reasonably solid throughout, and I will admit I went into the series with reservations about whether Walt Flanagan could deliver that based on the handful of times his work has been published. However, these reservations were largely overcome. The bizarre story was augmented by the similarly weird imagery that accompanied it. Looking back at the series I would definitely suggest people read it, so as to compare notes, and I would certainly suggest horror fans should pick it up to experience its weirdness.  Just so long as you realise this is a series that certainly wont appeal to everybody.

Rating: 3/5


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1 Comment on Review – Cryptozoic Man #4 (of 4) (Dynamite)

  1. I’ve been meaning to check this out ever since it was released. I’m a big TESD fan and Flanagan’s artwork looks great but the subject matter just looks too bizarre for my liking.

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