Review – Fantastic Four #1 (Marvel)

Fantastic-Four-1-All-New-Marvel-Now-1Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: James Robinson
Artist: Leonard Kirk
Release Date: 26th February 2014

This is how you start a series.

Before I talk about the actual story, it should be noted that Leonard Kirk’s artwork practically punches you in the face as soon as you open this book. Fantastic Four looks like a proper superhero comic, with a lot of dynamics in the opening pages, and Jesus Aburtov’s colouring is just an added bonus. This book looks really nice.

Fantastic 4 #1 sets everything in place for each member of the team perfectly, without cramming things in, or trying or unnecessarily over-explain anything. Writer James Robinson kicks things off with a big fight, but then settles down to give each of the characters a scene letting the reader know just where each one is at personally, before introducing this first arc’s threat on the last page. It all slots nicely into place, making it clear that there is plenty to be expanded upon, but none of it is so cryptic as to leave you guessing or scratching your head. This would be as good a jump-on point as any if you’re looking for one.

Some fans may be unhappy with the team’s costume change, and new readers will perhaps find Reed Richards’ overly word-y dialogue a bit annoying, but that’s just the character, and the costumes really aren’t a problem here.

Fantastic Four is off to a very positive start with its new creative team, and I’m happy to stay on board with the title. It’s a book that I just want to be entertained by, and there is a comfortable balance and pace to this first issue that leads you to believe the team is in very good hands.

Rating: 4/5.

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  1. Do you think that the movie reboot will help or kill the franchise?

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