First look at Grant Gustin as The Flash!

Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) was introduced in season two of Arrow, and The CW has seen such success with the hooded vigilante that they have decided to put together a spin-off starring the Scarlet Speedster! You can read about some of the details about the show on our Life in the Flash Lane article, but yesterday we got our first look at Grant donning the mask.

First look at Gustin as the Flash

Our first look at Gustin as the Flash

Although the lightning bolts have been redesigned, they fit along the head piece versus jutting out as seen in the more traditional versions of the uniform. It’s definitely in keeping with what I refer to The Nolan Effect where the design is more realistic/practical in its intended use, which probably will use the same material that Barry used to create Arrow’s mask.

Amell as the "masked" Arrow

Amell as the “masked” Arrow

We’ll keep you posted as details developed so follow Big Comic Page on Facebook and Twitter for more updates. What do you think of the new look? Which rendition of the character was your favorite?

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1 Comment on First look at Grant Gustin as The Flash!

  1. This is awesome. Just talking the other day about whether or not they were going to get the Flash going again!

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