London Super Comic Con – two weeks and counting!

LSCC logo with dateWith this year’s London Super Comic Convention just two weeks(!!) away, Team BCP have decided to put together a little summary of what to expect from LSCC on the 15th and 16th of March.

First off, we have to talk about the guests.  This year’s Con has a simply stunning lineup of creators set to attend, including the likes of Art Adams, Frank Cho, Dan Slott, Charlie Adlard, Yannick Paquette, Alan Davis, Dave Gibbons and Jonathan Ross.  There are creators on hand to satisfy practically any taste, from “big two” fans to small press horror lovers.  For details of the full guest lineup, check out the LSCC Official Website.

Fancy grabbing yourself some comics and comic-related merch?  Well, you’re going to be spoiled for choice there too, as literally dozens of vendors will be on hand to sell their wares.  From well-known comic sellers like Forbidden Planet, Diamond UK and Comicana Direct to smaller companies carrying exclusive, niche products like animation cells, toys and clothing, once again variety is very much the word of the day (or of the weekend) here at LSCC.  Again, for full details of the exhibitors, check out the LSCC Official Website.

One of the highlights for any convention, in our opinion at least, are the small press creators.  With a multitude of titles you may not have heard of from up-and-comic creators, there’s always no shortage of hidden gems to find if you have the time to have a chat with some of the incredibly passionate and creative people who frequent the convention scene.  And on that note, we’re currently in the process of contacting anyone we can find who has a comic due to be released at the con with a mind to adding their title to our LSCC Review Special, which should hit the site in the week prior to the con.  So if you happen to know of anyone who has a project or title that they’re looking to gain a little extra publicity for, feel free to point them in our direction.

And last but by no means least, we have the Cosplayers.  In addition to the inaugural London Super Costume Championship (with a first prize of a trip for two to Dragon Con 2014), there will also be an Open Masquerade – an informal competition which will be open to all ages and groups.

And if you want to check out the incredible standard of Cosplaying that went on at London Super Comic Con last year, check out this awesome video from Sneaky Zebra.

Team BCP will be on hand throughout the weekend as fully card-carrying members of the press (scary, I know!), and we’ll be chatting to various comic types, attending panels, snatching up prizes for our annual Yorkhill Children’s Charity raffle, and generally soaking in the large-scale comics awesomeness.

So keep you eye out for that familiar BCP logo, and if you happen to see us in passing, feel free to stop us and say hi.

And if you haven’t decided if you’re going yet, tickets are still available (starting at just £18), and can be purchased HERE.

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