BCP Expanded Universe presents… Who You Gonna Call?

Happy Sunday afternoon everyone and welcome to the first BCP Expanded Universe blog.

As you know, we were sorry to see Jamie leave our ranks a couple of weeks ago to focus on his other commitments. Unfortunately this also left us with a gap in our regular scheduled programming since he’ll no longer be writing his weekly ‘Stuff ‘n’ Things’ blogs for us. We had a chat amongst ourselves in BCP Towers and we decided to plug this hole with a new feature – The BCP Expanded Universe!

Now, the main focus of our page has always been comic books and comic themed films, TV shows, games and, well, pretty much anything we can establish a comicbook link to! However, some of us have occasionally sneaked in references to other sources of interest such as wrestling, Dr Who and various other… well… stuff and things! So we’ve decided to stop sneaking our other interests in under the radar when the other admins aren’t watching and instead present to you a regular blog about our various other geeky interests. Authorship will rotate on a regular basis so you’ll all be treated to a wide selection of material from all of the admins you’ve come to know and love (and if not love, then at least hold a vague level of interest for). And, since this was Stu’s crazy idea, he is (I am) first up.Image

By now I’m sure that you’ll all be aware that this week the world has mourned the passing of Harold Ramis- the creator of many great films but who was arguably most famous for his work on Ghostbusters.

This kind of links back into my interest for comics because some of my earliest memories of the medium are linked to reading a UK Ghostbusters comic in the 80’s based on the real Ghostbusters cartoon rather than the films. However I entered one of the contests they held with high hopes of winning second prize: a firehouse toyset that would have matched the various Ghostbusters action figures I’d been given over the preceding Christmas and birthdays.

Instead I won first prize: a brand new double VHS cassette featuring both original movies. My mother got the family together, bought in some popcorn, made us some hotdogs and we gathered around our TV and spent a night watching both films. Now, I’ll admit that I was a bit of a wuss back in the day and the library scene did result in me hiding behind the couch for about 15 minutes (c’mon, I was about 7) but after I manned up I watched the rest of both films and have loved them ever since.

To commemorate his passing, I intend to have another Ghostbusters night at the end of the month (on DVD since my prize VHS has long since given up and died due to being watched over and over again) but I was thinking: by way of an interlude between the two films why not bring my experience full circle and watch a few episodes of the cartoon between the two? I’ve got the first series on DVD and I’m sure I could find the rest by the time this happens but I’m struggling to pick just three episodes from the show.

What do you guys think about Ghostbusters, do you have any cartoon recommendations and what other works of Harold Ramis do you love? Let us know!

The writer of this piece was: Stu_AvatarStuart Duff aka (Stu)
Article: Mug of Duff
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2 Comments on BCP Expanded Universe presents… Who You Gonna Call?

  1. Lauren F. Roberts // March 2, 2014 at 3:29 pm // Reply

    I’ve never actually watched Ghostbusters… I feel like such a failure…

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