OK, so it’s Tuesday rather than Friday but bear with me for a minute. has been live for nearly a year now and being a precocious and callow youth that we are I’d like to say on behalf of the team, “You guys have been great but we want more from you.”

Back in the day almost a year ago we were born from the fires of Mount Facebook and sprung into life all full of vim and vigour wanting to talk and debate with you guys about comics and it’s been great, it really has! Then unfortunately Facebook mucked about with it’s community and business page settings and it after a while of wondering where everyone had gone it became obvious that if we didn’t give them about a tenner a day that you guys weren’t actually getting to see what we wrote.

No problem, we thought, we’ve always wanted to build ourselves a website anyway and since doing so, interaction has definitely been on the up but sadly we haven’t quite achieved the same lofty levels of interaction from the glorious uh, months of yester-last-year.

At the risk of sounding like that clingy guy who just won’t take the hint and buzz off we’d like to get you guys on the same page as us since this has always been as much about you as it has been about us. So I’d like to announce BCP’s All Request Friday!


Now, it might end up not being a Friday. Hell, it might end up stretching over a weekend but the gist is this:

We want you to contact us through our website, Facebook Page, Twitter, Telepathic wavelengths, semaphore and through the medium of interpretive dance to let us know your idea about what you’d like to see from us and in return we’ll dedicate at least one full day to doing your bidding. Let us know what reviews, previews and even interviews you’d like to see us tackle and we’ll do our best to make them happen. Let us know what you’d like us to talk about in the Pod, in blogs or give us your ideas on what one- shot content you’d like to see from us and we’ll do our best to make them happen whilst giving you a producer credit on the piece. If there’s a particular genre or area of interest you’d like to see us tackle then let us know and we’ll make it happen. If we like it enough we might even make your idea part of our regular featured programming.

C’mon guys, we’re taking all requests and challenges. Hit us with your best shot!


The writer of this piece was: Stu_AvatarStuart Duff aka (Stu)
Article: Mug of Duff
You can also find Stu on Facebook

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