And Now For Something Completely Different: A Beer And A Book

Two of my favorite things, Beer and Books. It’s pretty simplistic, I know, but sitting down with an interesting, tasty beer and getting stuck into a book (comic or otherwise) is what I’d call a good night well spent. more often that not now, on a Tuesday when I do my reviews for the week I find myself in Inn Deep, having a beer while reading/writing them up. So here’s the plan, every week, I’m going to try to pair a book with a beer and tell you a bit about what I thought about both of them so you can try it out for yourself.

Moon Knight Marvel Now #1

Moon Knight Marvel Now #1

This weeks Book is Moon Knight #1 by Warren Ellis, Declan Shalvey and Jordie Belaire. I’m not going to lie, the only reason I picked up this book is because of Ellis’s portrayal of Moon Knight during his brief stint on Secret Avengers. He’s a nice mix of crazy psychopath and cold mercenary. Ellis’s writing shines through as you would expect with intelligent quippy dialogue and attention to detail when it comes to characterization. This “Done in One” follows Spectre as he deals with a trail of strange murders in a Sherlock Homlesesque was of deducing what happened and without spoiling anything, a very interesting last few pages that set the tone nicely for coming storylines. The art duo of Shalvey and Bellaire excel here a well, with a dark city-scape in place and an attention to detail that manages to still show facial expressions even through the mask. It’s a simplistic approach that is effective with clean line work and an art style not dissimilar to JRJR and yet such vibrancy to the colour palate giving a nice contrast to the darkness of the backgrounds. Overall a very fun book, with equal hints Spidey and Bats, yet, stylistically very adult, way before I got to the final page of the book I knew I was sold.

Book Rating: 5/5.

A Wee Bit by Williams Bros & Brooklyn Brewery

A Wee Bit by Williams Bros & Brooklyn Brewery

This week’s Beer is “A Wee Bit” a collaboration between Local Boys “Williams Bros” and “Brooklyn Brewery”  it’s a dark and dirty Scotch ale, with “a wee bit” (see what they did there?) of Scottish Honey, Treacle & Peated Malt, which is then fermented with Brooklyn yeast. luckily the sweetness of the honey and treacle that were put in isn’t too dominant here so the beer still has a nice rich dark feel to it and is as smooth as you would expect from a beer of this ABV. There’s a nice chocolatey almost hazelnutty taste to it but still a nice bitterness that comes through in the aftertaste that makes this a pleasant enough beer to drink without the sweetness coating the tongue and sticking to the palate. It poured with a tiny amount of head but smelled nice and smokey, almost barbecue and while it wasn’t the most amazing beer I’ve ever had it was a nice change to the norm and hopefully we’ll be seeing more of a collaboration from these two brewers in the future.

Beer Rating: 3/5.

Both Beer and Book were dark, complex and interesting, with just enough of a sweet spot to keep me occupied. All of this was wrapped up in a neat bundle with the full Aenima by Tool on in the background making for a good night by all (still just me, myself and I).

The writer of this piece was: Chris_AvatarChris Bennett

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  1. Beer and a great comic book to read, sounds like a win win to me. Really enjoyed Moon Knight #1 as well, always like the series, so was looking forward to this issue. It was great!

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