BCP Interview: Jim Alexander and Eli Winter (Planet Jimbot)

Team BCP were at the Glasgow Comic & Toy Mart this past weekend. Jim Alexander and Eli Winter from independent publisher Planet Jimbot were also present, and we were lucky enough to grab a short interview with the pair. 


BCP: Jim, Eli, thanks for taking time out for us. Your recent releases include the latest issue of Wolf Country, as well as new titles Food Chain and Good Cop, Bad Cop. Compared to most small press publishers, you’re output is pretty constant. How do you manage to keep that up with such a small team?

Eli: I make lots of lists!

BCP: Are you effectively the boss, Eli?

Eli: No, I call Jim the boss, but I do make lots of lists. That’s just how I work through it, but Jim is just constantly buzzing, so I just let him get on with it.

Jim: Obviously you need a number of component parts to make a comic, and I’m blessed with the team I’ve got. Jim Campbell is superb in production, doing lettering and producing the PDFs that go to the printers, and I’ve managed to hook up with a few really good up-and-coming artists.

Eli: They’re all absolute diamonds.

Jim: We all gel well, and obviously we’ve got Eli as the editor, so I think it’s about keeping everybody involved, keeping them enthused about what we’re doing, and just making sure everybody meets the deadlines. Because it’s small press, people have other jobs and need to find other ways to put food on the table, so this is a creative outlet, but we’ve been lucky enough up up to now that people are able to start and get finished.

BCP: News broke this week about a US publisher and a TV company taking interest in your titles. Can you tell us anything about that?

Jim: Not really (laughs).That was just something I mentioned on Facebook, and a news site picked it up. The wonders of the worldwide web! But there is an element of truth behind the rumours. The background is that I have done work in the past for major publishers like DC, Marvel, and Dark Horse, and I still retain contacts with them, so there has been some interest in what we’re doing, because we have accumulated quite a lot of material. The other thing is that there is a French company called We-Prod who have started adapting Metal Hurlant stories for the Metal Hurlant Chronicles TV show. Just recently they managed to get SyFy in the United States to air them, so two of the stories I did for Metal Hurlant have already been adapted for TV. So those two factors -the comic side, and the TV side – are definitely there, and effectively these things are coalescing quite nicely. The comics are coming out to really good reviews, and people are interested the concepts we’re putting forward, and then we have this TV thing in the background. Suddenly it has come alive and there is a lot more momentum now with the episodes being shown in the States, and hopefully in the UK at some point.

Eli: There is some footage on Youtube, and they look really great.

BCP: Before we finish off, just for fun, if you could put any major established character into one of your books, who would you choose to have some fun with, and why?

Jim: I did some Captain Britain books for Marvel UK, and I once made a quip that I only agreed to do it because I thought they said it was Captain Caveman. Again, the terrors of the worldwide web meant that word got out, and I got in a bit of bother with the publisher, but I’ve always had a burning desire to bring back Captain Caveman in any form. I don’t know if people remember Captain Caveman, but it was brilliant. He used to have this big sack – I don’t know why – but he would put his hand in the sack and look for an Uzi 9mm, and he’d pull out an old granny or something like that, and he would shout “CAPTAIN CAAVEMAAAAN”!

Eli: What book would you put him in? Everything?

Jim: To be honest, I’d put him in anything. I would make it work. If Hanna or Barbera are reading this, I could bring Captain Caveman back!

Planet Jimbot can be found on Twitter and you can also keep up with news and releases on their Facebook Group

This interview was conducted by: AlavAlan Shields aka (Al)
You can also find Al on  Facebook

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