ComiXology offers its Top 100 self-published books for just $10!

M4BtNaSIf you’re a fan of small press or self-published comics like I am, then you really need to take a look at this.  Hell, if you just like comics in general, this is an offer that’s truly too good to pass up!

From now until Monday as 11pm EST, ComiXology are offering the Top 100 titles from their ComiXology Submit platform in a bundle for just $10! (about £6.20 in real money).  The bundle contains some fantastic titles that I’ve already read, such as The Mire by Becky Cloonan, and Too Much Coffee Man Favourites.  As well as some great looking stuff that I haven’t been able to take a look at yet such as The Bunker and Moth City.

Seriously, if you’re a comic fan, you really need to pick this up.   I mean, 6p each for some fantastic creator owned awesomeness?  What’s not to like?

Here’s the official press release for the full rundown of the offer;

Comixology’s Submit Self-Publishing Platform Celebrates One-Year Anniversary With Special Offer: 100 Books For 10 Bucks
ComiXology also unveils the data behind Submit’s first year of transforming the comic book industry
ComiXology SXSW Gaming Expo Booth #125

March 8, 2014 – New York, NY, /Austin, TX – Celebrating the one-year anniversary of comiXology Submit at SXSW today, comiXology co-founders David Steinberger (CEO) and John D. Roberts (Director of Submit) announced the availability of the top 100 books from the Submit program for only $10 – a savings of over $300. The announcement was made from the Geek Stage at the SXSW Gaming Expo, where comiXology officially unveiled Submit last year in 2013.

“ComiXology Submit lets readers experience a broad range of content from creators who deserve exposure but may not be able to get the attention of print publishers, and what better way to celebrate our first anniversary than to make the top 100 Submit books available for only 10 bucks?” said John D. Roberts, Director of Submit & Digital Storytelling and comiXology co-founder. “SXSW has long been known as the place to discover new indie music and films, and today fans can now discover indie comics and graphic novels as well.”

ComiXology’s Submit platform has transformed the comics industry by allowing independent creators and cartoonists to upload their comic book and graphic novels for sale at no cost. Once approved, comiXology does the rest, from transforming the work with comiXology’s immersive Guided View™ reading technology to making it available on comiXology’s buy once, read anywhere cloud-based digital comics platform, which includes an top grossing apps on iPad and iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire and Windows 8, and the web at “Submitters” and comiXology equally split profits, with submitters maintaining full ownership of their work.

In addition to debuting the promotion on the panel, comiXology revealed some key metrics behind the Submit platform from its first year (March 6, 2013 – March 6, 2014):

#3 in overall content released for the past year
#6 in all downloads released for the past year
#10 in gross revenue among all releases for past year
1007 submission available for sale
47,347 in pages released
26 countries represented
6 out of 7 continents represented; including Africa, Europe, Asia, North America, South America, & Australia except Antarctica.

“It speaks volumes to the hunger readers have for diverse content that – when viewed in aggregate like a single publisher – Submit content ranked #10 in gross revenue among new releases in its first year,” said Chip Mosher, comiXology’s VP of Communications & Marketing who moderated the panel at SXSW. “We look forward to the day we finally get that submission from Antarctica!”

Also during the panel, Steinberger and Roberts were joined by native Texan submitter Fabian Rangel, Jr., creator of Doc Unknown – a new hit comic that debuted this year on Submit – who spoke to the benefits of the Submit platform. Rangel’s appearance follows a tradition of spotlighting Texas-based comic creators that started last year with the appearance on stage of Shannon Wheeler, who created his seminal indie comic hit Too Much Coffee Man in Austin and which was part of Submit’s debut.

“Self-publishing is a constant struggle. But now, thanks to comiXology Submit, that struggle has gotten a lot easier,” said Fabian Rangel, Jr. best known for writing and creating the series Doc Unknown. “Submit is one of the newest and most effective weapons a comic creator can add to their arsenal. People from all over the world are now reading the adventures of Doc Unknown.

ComiXology Submit enables independent comics creators and cartoonists, from promising new talent to established veterans, to reach a global audience of comic book and graphic novel fans for whom comiXology already created the first viable digital marketplace for leading publishers.

Creators and cartoonists interested in submitting works for approval can visit

Comic book and graphic novel fans interested in finding works by independent creators and cartoonists now available on comiXology are invited to visit

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