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Happy Sunday my brothers and sisters. This week it’s my turn to dive into the world of geekery that has taken over my life the past 7 days

The Oscars – I’m a big Matthew McConaughey fan and all, but surely Leo deserved it this year? Wolf of Wall Street was sensational and DiCaprio put on the best performance I have seen of him! Why do the academy hate him so much?!


Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars – yeah she fell again, but honestly when you look like as sensational as this in a red dress you’re allowed to!


Idina Menzel – Last thing about the Oscars, I promise. I liked Frozen and I’m a bit of a fan of this girl cause she has one of the best voices I’ve ever heard and the main thing I was looking forward to was her performance, and that performance could not have went more wrong if they tried. Travolta gets her name wrong and the producers tell her and the band to speed it up to save time and she ends up loosing a high note at the end of the song and looks so defeated once its done and I felt so bad for her (although not quite as bad as I did for Leo)

But the next night on Jimmy Fallon she saves it and shows how awesome that song is playing with The Roots and with kids Instruments

Wrestling– Punk didn’t return this week as many thought he would and, to be honest, I’m glad he didn’t. The guy is talented but his attitude towards fans has been fairly sickening over the years. I was unfortunate to meet him a few years back and he was such a horrible man it completely changed my opinion of him in just a few seconds.

But the YES! Movement is still going strong and I feel that Bryan is going to get his Mania moment, I reckon his match with HHH will become Main Event V Career match and he’ll get the win and go to the headline with Orton and Drax (Big Dave) in a triple threat and leave with the strap.

In more local wrestling news, the BBC documentary Insane Fight Club airs this week and features the Scottish wrestlers from ICW (Insane Championship Wrestling). I know a lot of these guys personally and this documentary shows what they go through and how hard they work for the sake of entertainment. Well worth a watch so stick it on your planners.


Pokemon– Got to catch them all! This week I’ve been playing a lot of Pokemon on the 3DSm, been trying to fill that Pokedex up and trying to breed or catch a Shinny Hawlucha!

shiny_hawlucha_global_link_art_by_trainerparshen-d6wejvrThis has gone fart beyond a hobby now and is slowly rapidly turning into an obsession. I’ve completed the Central Klaos, but still have a long way to go to fill the Mountain, Coastal and National (which will get me a shiny charm!!!!)

The other awesome thing I’ve been doing with Pokemon is Wonder Trading. EVERY ONE SHOULD BE DOING THIS! It’s insanity as you sit and play Pokemon roulette and gamble that you’ll get a better one than the one you sent away. This week I got a freaking MEWTWO in the trade!

My Pokemon Friend code is 2552-1632-7650 add me if you want a trade or a fight

Anyway I’m off on the hunt again, see ya’ll on Thursday for my Top 5

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