Batman ’66 Crossing Over With Green Hornet Under The Pen Of Kevin Smith

Exciting news for folks situated on the Batman/Green Hornet/SModcast Venn Diagram, as film maker Kevin Smith is to make his return to writing comics, accompanied by his Hollywood Babble On co-host and Batman ’66 afficionado Ralph Garman.

USA Today announced yesterday that the pair will write the upcoming 12 part miniseries “Batman ’66 Meets the Green Hornet”. This will see DC Comics make their very own team up as they will be co-publishing the title with Dynamite – The current publishers of Green Hornet.

The story is set to follow on from the famous two part episode from the Batman TV series that featured The Green Hornet and Kato tangling up with the dynamic duo, as opposed to a rehash of it.

Kevin and Ralph recording Hollywood Babble On.

Kevin and Ralph recording Hollywood Babble On.

Joining them on the book will be TY Templeton on interiors, Alex Ross is expected to draw covers (see picture). The bi-weekly title will be published as digital first with a release date of May 21, This opening issue will then be reprinted on June 4th for store shelves.

Clearly the “Babblemeisters” have a following, writing skills and a huge interest in the characters, but looking back on Smith’s back catalogue of comic projects, one has to wonder whether the writer can truly handle the demand of a twice weekly, 12 issue series, as in the past, issues on various projects have been delayed such as on Batman: The Widening Gyre.

Regardless, This project has a lot of potential. After all, when was the last time DC allowed Batman to tangle in up with a character from a different company? In recent times those opportunities have been few and far between.

The Alex Ross Cover Art.Click to enlarge.

The Alex Ross Cover Art.
Click to enlarge.

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Gary Kane aka (GK)
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  1. Ralph Garman and Kevin Smith work very well together, and the art on this book is absolutely gorgeous. It has a tremendous amount of potential, and I literally cant wait to see how this turns out. Love your post, man, check out my page when you get a second I would love to hear what you think

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