DC to launch new series INFINITY MAN AND THE FOREVER PEOPLE in June

infinityman-2ce8d (1)

Cover to Infinity Man #1

The latest episode of DC All Access solicited a new ongoing series from DC Comics.

Infinity Man and the Forever People will debut in June, written by Dan Didio and Keith Giffen, with art by Giffen and Scott Koblish.

The following solicitation appears on the DC website:

“Four of the best students from New Genesis arrive on Earth to study and aid in the advancement of humanity – but they soon discover a darker purpose to their mission: a threat so great that it may bring the multiverse itself to its knees! The only thing that stands between them and total destruction is the mysterious entity known as the Infinity Man!”

Infinity Man was originally created by Jack Kirby, and first appeared in Forever People #1 in 1971. The character has seen a few iterations over the decades, and most recently appeared during Countdown to Infinite Crisis, where he was revealed to have killed the New Gods, and was later seemingly destroyed by Mister Miracle.

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