Mug of Duff – Never Judge a Book by its film.

Afternoon guys,

I’m not sure who first spoke the words of wisdom given in my blogs title but I first saw them quoted on the side of a bus as part of an advert for vodka, for some reason.

I had a wry chuckle and probably said something along the lines of “too right, the next person who tells me how much they love The Lord of the Rings who hasn’t read the book is getting smacked” but I wonder if we’ve got the reverse situation now.

Alan Moore is famously critical of the adaptations of his work. Now, I’ll admit that I haven’t read much of it personally but what I have read has shown that the Hollywood versions have been vastly watered down and sanitised for a different kind of audience. No wonder he’s pissed.

With the prevalence of comic book movies and geek chic fashion, a larger audience are becoming aware of different characters and stories this generating an arguably unprecedented level of exposure for the medium.

This has led to comics shoehorning plots into place to more closely match the big screen versions and capitalise on the popularity. I’m looking at you Marvel! For me this has led to weak story telling in a number of areas but on a positive note, more people buying comics means more comics are published so maybe it’s a necessary evil.

However I’m curious, have any of you known anyone who has picked up a comic because of a movie and what feedback did they give you on the experience? Was it positively or negatively received in comparison and what advice did you give them?

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