Kickstarter – The Walking Dead: The Prison Board Game

If you love a good board game as much as I do, and you’re even a passing fan of The Walking Dead, then you might want to check out the Kickstarter for the new board game focusing on the prison arc of the comics.

Here’s the official description from the Kickstarter:

The Walking Dead The Prison – Board Game focuses on the events of issues 13 through 24: the discovery of, fight to clean out, and struggle to control…The Prison.

The Walking Dead The Prison – Board Game will have an MSRP of $49.99. Backers of The Walking Dead The Prison – Board Game will not only be first to receive the game before it is in stores, but also will have the opportunity to purchase the game at a lower price and have access to Kickstarter exclusive game components and rule sets.

After months in the wild and on the run, Rick, Lori, Andrea, Glenn and the rest of the survivors find the ultimate survival spot outside Atlanta, Georgia: a fenced in prison, still in good condition.

Of course, it’s filled with zombies that need to be cleared, and before the survivors can do that they learn all too quickly that they aren’t the only survivors seeking refuge inside the prison. With existing tenants (Dexter, Axel, Thomas and Andrew) to handle and new group members to integrate with (Michonne), the challenge of living in the prison isn’t just about fighting zombies…

The survivors end up struggling with each other for control over the group’s fate.

With some really cool Kickstarter-exclusive promos (I can’t wait to get my hands on Mike and Terry), this is one deal that fans of The Walking Dead won’t want to miss out on.

laurennewavsigThe writer of this piece was: Lauren F. Roberts
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