Mug of Duff: Sometimes you can believe the hype

I hate being the guy who decides not to check something out because you know, it couldn’t possibly live up to the hype everyone gives it. However sometimes my natural cynicism is a bit too much to overcome and I’ve been hurt before.

I bring this up now because I checked out Captain America: the Winter Soldier in the cinema last Sunday and, a few minor criticisms aside, I loved it.

My girlfriend (who isn’t into comics in a big way yet) also thoroughly enjoyed it and asked me a few questions about the backstory after the film. As I was explaining the significance of Bucky’s return from the dead it occurred to me, I never actually read any of it.

Ed Brubaker

Ed Brubaker

I’ve never been a big fan of morally polarised characters and Cap was always too much of a boy scout for me to find interesting in the Avengers so when people told me about how great Brubaker’s run on the book was my reaction was something along the lines of “pfft, aye, ok” and I never picked it up.

Now I’m guessing that this was a mistake on my part? I’m going to pick up the trade this weekend and yes, I suppose I could still be disappeared but hey, I’ve got a much better feeling about it now.

Have any of you guys ever dismissed a comic only to pick it up later and ask yourself why you were dumb enough not to get into it at the time?

Let us know!


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Article: Mug of Duff
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