Ninja Turtles movie currently undergoing reshoots

News that Will Arnett and Megan Fox are currently re-shooting parts of production on ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ has been reported, But what does this mean for the movie which is scheduled for a release of August 8th?

A picture taken from the reshoots.

A picture taken from the reshoots.

Traditionally reshoots are seen as a bad sign.  As recently pointed out in a list on movies with reshoots are often made even worse in the process. This is usually a result of a tacked on-ending when the original footage doesn’t test right.

However, it isn’t always negative. In recent years the trend of movies requiring additional footage not meeting with success is shrinking, especially if you include the likes of The Avengers, which required reshoots in early 2012. More recently, Thor: The Dark World also required a number of last minute reshoots, and it isn’t just the trend for comic book movies either, with The Bourne Identity – another movie that received a positive reception from the public – also needing additional footage to be shot.

Footage was reshot to give Loki a more prominent role.

Footage was reshot to give Loki a more prominent role.

So while this news shouldn’t be taken as an ominous sign for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles just yet, it does still raise an eyebrow.  So what do you think, good sign or bad sign?

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