Watch Batman: Strange Days By Bruce Timm, and help us #BringBackTAS

So here’s the thing, I watch a lot of cartoons, always have, and from a very young age, Batman: The Animated Series has held up as one of my all time favourites. Many people see TAS as the ‘gateway drug’ that got them into comics in the first place, I know I do, and everyone always seem to have such fond memories of watching the series.

Recently, however, DC have been doing something different with their animated property. By making a series of animated films that are appealing to the mass market with their well known-voice acting and almost current storylines, it is being widely seen as a hit. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy them as well, but after watching the new Bruce Timm TAS short, it has hammered home exactly what I’ve been missing.

Take a look;

To celebrate 75 years of Batman, Warner Bros have drafted Bruce Timm back in to give us this little gem of a Batman short story and I think it’s perfect. TAS has and always will be the perfect mix of Gothic Noire setting, grand suspenseful music and a minimalism approach to production.  And while it may have been a while since Timm’s Batman has graced our screens, his style is clearly still as fresh as it ever was and needs to come back.

So here’s the plan. We need to tweet about this video, Facebook it, Tumblr it, show everyone and let them know that we need Bruce Timm’s Batman back. so using the Hashtag “#BringBackTAS” lets show the world that we still need a Batman.

Chris_AvatarThe writer of this piece was: Chris Bennett
Article: And Now For Something Completely Different
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