Review – Frankenstein: Alive, Alive! #3 (IDW Publishing)

FrankAlive03-cvrPublisher: IDW Publishing
Steve Niles
Artist: Bernie Wrightson
Release Date:
16th April 2014

Growing up I was always a big fan of the Universal Movie Monsters. I loved Dracula, the Wolf Man but most of all… I loved Frankenstein. I watched all the Boris Karloff Frankenstein movies, and even enjoyed Robert De Niro’s portrayal in the 1994 Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. So when I saw this one come up for review, my inner child screamed at me to grab it and see if it did as good a job making me love the character as all the movies and previous portrayals of Frankenstein I have seen or read. It most definitely did not disappoint.

This issue picks right up where #2 left off. Frankenstein is doing what he can to avoid being seen again by Dr. Ingles wife Dolly by keeping to his favorite spot, the library. He becomes aware that Dr. Ingles is clearing out his home of all patients and in his curiosity he begins to search the house to find answers as to why. He stumbles upon Dolly and the remorse he feels for her current state is undeniably powerful, and when reading you can feel pity for this creature that unintentionally hurt someone just because of his outward appearance. There remains one patient and young pregnant woman and the intentions for her continued presence are revealed and Frankenstein’s memories of his creator flood back and leave him with a choice to make.

I was first introduced to Steve Niles when the first 30 Days of Night came out and was immediately hooked on his writing abilities and his unique take on the horror genre. Upon reading even the first issue of this series, you can tell the love that he has, not only for this character, but for the original creator of Frankenstein and her vision for who and what Frankenstein truly was – just another lost soul. This series picks up right where the book left off and continues to build on the mythos of the Frankenstein character as if Mary Shelley herself was helping Niles pen it. The writing is intelligent and feels true to the time period the story takes place in. The characters are very well developed and, as always, the inner turmoil of the Frankenstein character tugs at your heartstrings.

Bernie Wrightson’s artwork is some of the most stunning black and white art that I have ever set my eyes upon. The detail that goes into each and every piece make them feel like they would be hung up one panel at a time in their own gallery in an art museum of your choosing. The Frankenstein look is fresh but it feels more to me like what this “creature” would look like had it actually been created. It does not have the traditional neck bolts, or scar and staples holding the scalp on but it looks more human and just on a larger scale and the face resembles more of a decayed human face. You can feel the emotion and thoughts that are going through Frankenstein at every turn by the way Wrightson details the expressions.  The man is a truly amazing artist. The settings are masterfully created, from all the beakers, creatures and smallest details in the laboratory scenes to the many books and candles in the library where Frankenstein likes to spend his time. This truly is some of the best artwork in comics today, and to have it be in black and white makes it even more so.

If you are a fan of Frankenstein, or of just exquisite artwork in your comic books I highly recommend picking up this series, if not in single-issue form definitely pick up the trade when it comes out and stare in awe at each page as you flip through!

Rating: 5/5.

The writer of this piece was: Shane Hoffman (aka “Hoff”)
You can also find Hoff on Twitter.

1 Comment on Review – Frankenstein: Alive, Alive! #3 (IDW Publishing)

  1. DIAZ'S PACKED BOWL // March 16, 2016 at 8:35 am // Reply

    its the best work Bernie has done in years,its been years since issue 3 so issue 4 should be stunning.

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