NASA discover possible habitable planet… Krypton?

NASA announced an amazing discovery yesterday, with the news that it has finally discovered another planet “Kepler-186f” within “The Goldilocks Zone” – not too hot, not too cold, just about right – A truly amazing thing about this discovery at least for those who have a basic knowledge of Superman’s home planet of Krypton, as similarly Kepler-186f orbits a red Sun [Kepler-186 which is a red dwarf star].


An impression of Kepler-186f released by NASA, California Institute of Technology and SETI.
Click to enlarge.

The amazing thing about Kepler-186f [or the far more fun title: Krypton] is that it is thought that since it is on the outermost layer of the Goldilocks Zone – that it’s land would have lots of ice, yet it is speculated that as the red sun rays are at a weaker end of the spectrum the heat/energy could be absorbed by water and ice thus making it habitable.

Kandor as shown in Smallville - Seem familiar?Click to enlarge.

Kandor as shown in Smallville – But from the description, what Kepler-186f could possibly look like.
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But don’t expect any lifeforms from Kepler-186f to resemble the Man of Steel just yet, at 1.1 times the size of Earth – The planet’s gravity [If it’s mass corresponds with its size as Earth’s does.] would not be dense enough for said lifeforms to propel themselves off of an atmosphere like here on Earth and furthermore as it’s light is weaker it is likely that if there is life on the planet that these Supermen’s powerful sight would probably even be weaker than ours [Bare in mind nocturnal and subterranean creatures traditionally have poorer sight.]… Sadly. [Kudos to Brazilian website: for making the link].

Gary Kane - Interviews Editor. The writer of this article was: Gary Kane (GK) Gary tweets from @Kanoclassic

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