Mug of Duff: Discontinuity Crisis

Ok, I need your help.

I’ve been shopping with my friendly neighbourhood Comicbook retailer for about a decade now and it’s been a great ride along the way. Unfortunately due to my work circumstances it’s extremely difficult for me to make it by every week and I’ve fallen into the habit of picking up a massive haul every month or two instead.

ComiXology was a godsend for this since it allowed me to look at what’s coming out and reserve titles online rather than having to turn up in person or pester them with frequent phone calls.

Unfortunately heart bleed has put an end to that. I can’t reset my password because the account is registered to a now defunct email account so I can’t access my account online. It’s already caused me to miss some titles that I was really excited about and since I can’t physically turn up every week it’s a worry for future picks.

I’ve emailed comiXology to ask about resolving it but it seems to me that the easiest solution would be to completely wipe my account and open a new one.

With that in mind I’ve decided to have a spring clean of sorts and drop the books that I’ve not really been enjoying and focus on the titles that knock me off my seat. Now given that I’m mostly into the capes n cowls genre what are the must have books that I absolutely must get into going forwards?

Let us know! ‪#‎mustreads‬


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