Cast announcements for CHEW T.V. Series

Hollywood Reporter today ran with a story that Felicia Day and Steven Yeun have been cast as the voice of Amelia Mintz and Tony Chew, respectively in the up and coming animated Chew series.

After years in development, in a fair few different forms, the John Layman and Rob Guillory story will allegedly now be produced under Jeff Krelitz and David Boxenbaum’s Heavy Metal banner after the pair were reported on purchasing Heavy Metal Magazine earlier this year. Krelitz will also be directing the show with Layman having provided the script back when Showtime were meant to be picking the series up. Based on Krelitz Twitter account, production started on the series last week.

Fans will most likely know Yeun from his depiction in another Image Comic come T.V. Series The Walking Dead, as “Glenn” and Felicia Day as one of the queens of Geekdom everywhere with her hand in the Geek and Sundry Channel on YouTube, The Guild, or her role in the final season of Buffy.

As a fan of the series these castings are fairly spot on and while I would have preferred a live action series, animated might actually be the way to go with it to fully capture the tone of the series.

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  1. Now I’m worried Glenn has a target on his back in The Walking Dead!!!

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