Show Me Yours – Original X-Factor Artwork



So this week marks the first piece from our new column “Show me yours…” in which the BCP admin team will attempt to one-up each other by showing off some of the gems from our hoards.

Feast your eyes on… two pages of original pencils by Emanuela Lupacchino inked by Pat Davidson taken from X- Factor #211 by Peter David framed with the finished pages from the comic.

I picked the pages up during the first day of Kapow! 2012 after walking past them about half a dozen times before talking myself into blowing my budget for the weekend on them, but I think you’ll all agree that it was totally worth it.

I had it framed about six months later with a full copy of the issue I bought specifically for the purpose since the thought of using the copy I already had felt like it would be breaking my run somehow and actually defacing a comic on purpose still seems like sacrilege. I really like the overall effect its not the only piece of original comic art I own but it is my favourite and the only piece I had framed like this.

Although I’m a big fan of comics in general I’m mostly a follower of the super hero genre and Marvel specifically within that (although I’m currently following more DC titles now than I ever have before) and lets be brutally honest, the quality of their books over the years has been…. variable. Peter David’s run on X- Factor was the book that kept me picking up comics when I was growing ever more tired of being disappointed with almost everything else week after week after week and the chance to own a part of it was something I couldn’t pass up. Yes, it doesn’t feature any of the main cast (except Pip) but it’s a gorgeous spread and instantly brings back memories of the storyline to me whenever I look at it.

That’s why this is one of the gems of my collection. But hey, that’s mine. What’ve you got?


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