Greg’s Expanded Universe… True Blood, Adventure Time, Gravity Falls and more!

Hi guys and gals, it’s my (Greg’s) turn this week to take a look into my world outside of comics over the last seven days.

Me and my other half just binge-watched True Blood so we’re all caught up with everything now. I wasn’t as keen on this show the first time around, but rewatching it has made me like it a tiny bit more than I did. What I can’t understand is how far they went from the books and yet managed to improve the story by doing it. The addition of characters like Jessica and Jesus (no, not that one) and using little characters from the book like Tara, Steve Newlin, Laffeyet and Arlene and Terry have made a rather one-dimensional book series pop out into something really good which is worth a watch. And now, for no reason here is Rev Steve Newlin dancing!


This is the magic of HBO, cause now we’ve finished that we can move straight on to True Detective! Only two episodes in, and we are well and truly hooked on that feeling! Brutal yet amazing story, and we definitely cant wait to engross myself in the rest of the story. Man, does HBO seem to hit everything on the head and out the ball park or what? I mean, just look at Game of Thrones just now which is truly amazing and the undisputed highlight of my television week. HBO have managed to stay so close to the source material and any changes they make to it just seem to add to the story telling too! It does help that they have an amazing cast as well.

true-detective1My point to this is, though, WHAT IF WALKING DEAD WAS ON HBO? i hate the TV show, WD is one of my favourite comic series and the show runners for me just butchered it and watered it down to the point it was totally unwatchable for me. But on HBO they would have nailed the violence, the gore and the “delicate” subject matter that AMC are too afraid to touch

Moving on however, I got up early yesterday and flicked my TV over to the kids channel for some cartoons and caught Adventure Time. Now I’ve tried to watch this show and get into it because all everyone says is how awesome it actually is…. but I just can’t. To me, this show is just randomness for the sake of randomness.  Sure, there is a very thin moral story to each episode but to me this show is ridiculously pointless and aimed at kids when it should be aimed at adults.

Adventure_Time_with_Finn_JakeOne thing I have been loving in the form of kids TV shows is the amazing GRAVITY FALLS!! Disney made this amazing show that very few people I know watch and I definitely can’t get enough of it. Every aspect of this show is just mind blowing, from the art to voice actors to the amazing story and plots! It’s so complex and engaging (yet simple enough for kids to follow and enjoy) but at the same point it draws the adults in to with the mystery. It actually makes kids think are adults too. Give me Mable and Dipper over Jake and Finn any day of the week

670px-0,671,0,360-Slider2And finally this week, I’m sadly selling my comic collection (well, most of it anyway – not all of it I hope!) so later on this week I’ll post a link to the eBay shop I’m opening up to sell from, i have loads of Hardback trades going up and some really nice rare variants too so keep your eyes peeled

That’s all from me, see you in a while

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