“Those” Sinister Six tease photos

Well if you haven’t caught them… promotional Amazing Spider-Man 2 images have circulated. The images are unlockable by using the Shazam app and Alicia Keys song from the movie [ so simple].

Now you would assume it would be a cut and dry way of saying “Yeah this is going to be the Sinister Six”… But not quite.

Some websites such as CBM among others have reported it on that basis yet on the other hand TheWrap are rebuffing it by pointing out Drew Goddard hasn’t punched up the script for it yet for the Sinister Six spin-off, which he is also directing.

It has been labelled as an mid-credits scene – presumably shifted in place of the actual scene.

However you would assume that if this is any indication, then the studio clearly has their ideal team in mind. That team not very surprisingly features Amazing Spider-Man 2’s Green Goblin and Rhino with those Doc Ock tentacles and Vulture wings also seen in the movie. But gone is Electro and The Lizard as some may have assumed instead the other 2 spots appear to be Kraven The Hunter judging by the lion design which features on his costume and the final member… Well it isn’t clear some have speculated The Chameleon but that seems unlikely, others believe it is The Shocker given the grid like design of the mask, the final possible candidate [ …which I am edging towards] is Mysterio given the appearance of smoke and incorporating the grid design from his costume in a drastic overhaul of the ‘fish bowl’ mask.

So who will be the Sinister Six?, only time will tell.

The writer of this piece was:
GARYavGary Kane aka (GK)
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