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Following up on Stewart’s “Show Me Yours” from last week, it is now my turn to share something from my collection. My original art is scarce so I will be taking a different route, with that in mind I will also avoid rare or signed comics because that doesn’t give much variety and seems better down the road, statues are a bit rich for my blood and I rarely play any kind of games. By deduction that would leave me with action figures, which is a good thing because I recently got a new one – Mint in sealed card – that I could just rabble about and that is… Lord Zedd.

Evil Space Aliens, Series 2 - Lord Zedd

Evil Space Aliens, Series 2 – Lord Zedd

You see this wasn’t the first time I owned this, it was one of the many action figures I had years ago that seemingly dissolved from reality as all childhood toys seemingly do. At the time [around 1995] it was either a Toys ‘r’ Us or possibly Debenham’s exclusive figure around these parts from what I can recall but I am not certain of – so the number of friends who also had it were very few in comparison to say one of the Power Rangers which were abundant at the time. When Lord Zedd debuted on the show in season 2 he had an immediate presence – having exposed sinew, brains and what can best be described as vein tubes – He just looked so cool, far better than the monster-of-the-week padded out suits from the original Japanese footage. Finally the show had its Shredder, that really cool looking and slightly intimidating bad guy who would get beat on a weekly basis.

So when I happened across this one on line still packaged, I knew I had to have it, costing me a little shy of £20 – I didn’t hesitate to buy it. When it comes to Bandai products especially Power Rangers well… I do have an impulse control problem/ monkey on my shoulder that won’t shake off. It has been a lapsed addiction of sorts being one that was phased out around the time I grew out of the show but my interest has peaked back up recently – It is something I have tried to wedge into stuff I have wrote before like when I interviewed the writer of the upcoming MMPR graphic novel series.

The funny thing is that looking at it – It isn’t the greatest of resemblances or as perfectly sculpted as modern action figures. In 2008 and 2010 more accurate ones were released and this is reflected somewhat when finding them on line in the pricing, it isn’t my most high end action figure, nor is it my oldest or hardest to come by and yet this one just has that special place in my collection – after all it connects me to happy times and yet is also just so insanely cool.

So that is what I thought I would share from my collection, as with last week – I will simply sign off by asking for you to show me yours?

The writer of this piece was:
Gary Kane
Gary tweets from @Kanoclassic

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