FCBD 2014 Review: The New 52: Futures End #0

3796954-futures+endWords : Dan Jurgens, Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Keith Giffen

Art: Aaron Lopresti, Ethan Van Sciver, Patrick Zircher, Ryan Sook, Jesus Merino

Publisher: DC Comics

Remember Age of Ultron? well be prepared to see much the same here. I mean it was a repetitive exercise reading this issue as it all just felt a tad familiar.

This teaser issue certainly does deliver on setting up the overall “event” and packs in the action. It certainly answers all those niggling question you may have from the promotional material such as specifics about the timeline or just who exactly is Batman?

The artwork doesn’t disappoint in the slightest either and adds to the overall apocalyptic feel the title has, though the character redesigns of the DC heroes in this future who have been augmented with mechanical parts (as seen in the released artwork) – more often than not look like one of Sid’s toys from Toy Story channelling their inner HR Giger.

But going back to my original point it just felt so much like other stuff that it felt hard to find anything out of that wasn’t heavily mirrored in other past stories, all the major plot points were in Age of Ultron – a story set in an apocalyptic future, where the last heroes to survive fight off a vast Artificial intelligence and time travel being deployed as a last resort to undo said future. Just as Terminator or Days of Future Past also covered… not that this is otherwise a problem just all three of those are very much at the forefront the now, it just puts the series on an odd footing from the very start in my opinion.

The ending itself asks some important questions though as the Batman depicted in the future’s mission requires the one thing that we all know the Batman can never do, what get’s him to that point between the current New 52 and that of Futures End.

After reading this I will probably buy into the series but I expect something a little bit more substantial after this point in the story and with the talent working on the series Giffen, Jurgens, Sciver, Azzarello etc etc… I don’t doubt they can achieve that.

rating: 3/5

The writer of this piece was:
Gary Kane (GK)
Gary tweet from @Kanoclassic

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