Aspiring creators take note at Jim Lee’s early rejection letters

For writers and artists trying to get that break into comics it can be difficult, Even with work that is obviously very creative more often than not for getting that work noticed it can be a drop in the ocean as so many other equally talented artists and writers try to get noticed at the same time.

It’s a process that obviously can lead to many being dishearted, but you know chances are that as an artist or writer that struggle has also been felt by many of those established in the medium, the big names that can sell out cons… they have all went through it.

This is none more obvious than in recent rejection letters of current DC Co-Publisher, part Image founder and former Wildstorm Publisher Jim Lee which were shared via

Some rejections are brief and to the point…

Others offer more constructive advice…
ueizoca5n9qtgtznle65dmjds1xudw7hjbjauucxIf you are willing to alter your style, take notes on what is asked then you may get a gig…

Of course the comic publishing industry today is vastly different, the big two for example no longer operate on an open door policy instead favouring portfolio submissions at large cons or some times just getting that work in the write persons hand. But not all major comic publishers have closed their doors a small list of publishers and their guidelines can be found on and a far more extensive list is available at and roughly covers most of the US publishers.

But what if anything can be learned from these letters is just to stick at it and be willing to seek and accept advice – well it can’t hurt.

The writer of the piece was:
GK AVGary Kane (GK)
Gary tweets from @Kanoclassic


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