Mug of Duff – The Wedding Special


Hi guys, sorry to let my personal life intrude on the page but I’m absolutely delighted to announce that on Friday the 2nd of May I proposed to my girlfriend and we are now engaged.

Now, I’ll try and keep this thread as mush free as I possibly can under the circumstances but it has got me into a certain frame of mind and I’ve been thinking back on some of the best and worst marriage in comics.

Marvel comics went through a very strange period about a decade ago in which marriages which had previously been very strong suddenly developed cracks and eventually fell apart with occasionally calamitous repercussions. Peter Parker and Mary Jane, one of comics most well known married couples, went their separate, reality altering ways due to a deal with the devil in what has to be one of comics most bizarre reboots ever and left Spider- Man free to play the field again. I’m told that this is because Queseda felt that marriage aged the character and made him less appealing. Personally I can see where the guy is coming from but I liked the working class, family man aspect of the character. It’ll be interesting to see where the relaunch of Amazing Spider- Man takes us.

Marevel Zombies take on the couple.Click to enlarge.

Marevel Zombies take on the couple.
Click to enlarge.

The first actual wedding I ever saw in a comic was the marriage of Scott Summers and Jean Grey re-printed in one of the UK collected reprints and it was a lovely issue and a lovely setting only slightly marred by Wolverine sulking somewhere in the background. Since then Scott has been, well, a bit of a douche. He had a sort of affair with Psylocke for a while (in fairness, nothing actually happened as far as I can remember, she just hit on him a lot and he developed a little bit of a fantasy around her which might have been ok had his wife not been telepathic…) and then a full blown psychic affair with Emma Frost with the pair getting together, seemingly before Jean’s body was even cold.

Happily ever after...Click to enlarge.

Happily ever after…
Click to enlarge.

Marvel, it seems doesn’t like the idea of happily married characters. I don’t even want to go near what DC does to them.

Anyway, if we ignore the last decade or so before stories had to be dark and edgy then we saw some pretty strong marriages with some nice stories built up around them. What are your favourite comic book weddings and couples? Are there any ideas I can pinch for my own wedding? Let us know! ‪#‎theweddingissue‬

PS: Personally I liked the Absorbing Man marrying Titania being played out by “More Human than Human” but I don’t think it’s going to fly.

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