Review – Angel And Faith Season 10 #2 (Dark Horse)

Dark Horse
 Victor Gischler
Artist: Will Conrad
Release Date:
 7th May 2014

My last time reviewing Angel and Faith wasn’t quite so smooth a read [Christos Gage’s volume 5]. It just didn’t seem to appeal to me and I felt the characters within didn’t quite correlate with what we would expect from the shows.

This time is much better. For starters, the art makes it much more easier to connect to the TV counterparts. It has a somewhat photo-realistic look but without that awkward ‘never quite looks right’ appearance you often see from artists using a photo reference. Conrad’s art certainly doesn’t show any strings.

Gischler’s writing as usual remains fairly solid. We see Angel chasing down leads in dank demon bars and Faith putting her skills to use as a paid bodyguard. These seem like the natural fit for both and ulimately I didn’t feel burdened by my lack of post Buffy season 8 comic book continuity.

Admittedly I kept trying to find the connective tissue between Angel and Faith which isn’t immediately obvious, it seems both are on different paths at this point – but it is only the second issue and I am confident it will tie together. At the moment it is just nice to see both doing their own things.

Definitely worth following the run based on this second issue.

Rating: 4/5.

The writer of this piece was:
GARYavGary Kane aka (GK)
Article: Flashin’ Back!
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